“Professional training requirement in development of human resources in their capacities to match the knowledge, skill sets (Training) and competencies aspired by business with defined vision And
“In managing business in the emerging technologies by providing solutions to define business with defined vision needs through a high level consulting services involving software and its development of software – Engineering products and in enhancing the utilization of software implement etc. productivity improvement, etc through our dedicated team” and

Wish to capitalize the opportunities the industry offers and with the competency are confident in achieving success.

As in Every piece of marble has a statue in it to be carved by a sculptor to chip away the unnecessary parts just as the sculptor is to the marble So is professional training is to build \the Confidence of achieving the desired dreams in professional career.
Expertise & Training had been the core in evolving huge figures of achievements. And in all, the days to come with this expertise & Training approaches every organization will be enhanced with the competitive advantage and hence be more effective in all business activities leading to the achievement of the desired vision of the organization. Kites rise highest against the wind and not with it.


  • All the students are trained to get them upgraded in their computer professional skills be it programming or testing or project management.
  • Student friends are counseled to have focus in one industry profile and thus enable them to work towards establishing a long-term association beyond the purview of any individual present thoughts.
  • Orientation is given to prepare their profile and get prepared to face interviews based on the profile re-engineered and so on.
  • Personality Development program in characterization process for behaviors, attitudes, learning insights etc as an option.
  • Enhance the chances of employability through signing up as an associate consultant contributing to the placement activity.
  • Initiate joint collaboration with industries for developing new education programs based on industry specifies.
  • Eminent Faculty working in Multi National companies.
  • Expert guidance by real time developers.
  • Training on the needs of an employer.
  • Reduced learning carve for fresh graducates.
  • More time to practice in sophicated labs.
  • All time support staff while you are working in Lab etc.

Courses Offered:

  • IBM Mainframe
  • SAP
  • Dot Net
  • Software Testing
  • PHP MYsql
  • Oracle
  • Oracle DBA
  • Data warehousing
  • Oracle Java Developer
  • Oracle DotNET Developer